Humble Beginnings 

 In September of 2013 I met my Moose for the first time.

He picked me!  He is amazing, incredibly devoted, caring and smart! He learned SIT on the drive home. Moose has been glued to me through the rough patches and the great times. He goes with me nearly everywhere.  We've been to Niagara Falls, Canada, Biltmore, Gatlinburg, Nashville, Winterset and Tampa.  We have also traveled as far west as Omaha and as far south as Key West.  He always causes a stir, everyone wants to meet him and he loves it. I cannot say enough good, not only about my Moose, but also the breed in general.  On that day, I did not know that I became a Berner breeder. 

He has changed my entire life.


I have since imported the core of my original stock from Europe. All are exceptionally loving and smart, just like Moose, and their puppies are showing it. I've saved some daughters back from Moose and for the first time, Moose has grandbabies!  Proud doesn't even cover it.  My home and office are full of Berner love on any given day!

(Pictured with me is my Penny, and I'm laughing because Nicolas goosed me!)

Exceptional Quality

I've researched pedigrees and kept in contact with some wonderful European breeders that I now call friends.  I've imported some of the best stock available.  This allows me to offer puppies of impeccable breeding; along with keeping the calm temperament Berners are known for.  If one of my dogs does not pass all their testing prior to breeding, they are altered and have an easy life as one of my office or employees' dogs.  Each and every one of my puppies comes with a full health guarantee. My puppies can always come back home. (Pictured is Moose and baby Zinnia on our trip to Lake Michigan!  Moose is my Migraine Alert Service Dog.)

Here's some recent photos of the goings on around here:

1 - Handsome Lucas and his new toy

2 - And iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.......

3 - Baby Bliss, passed out cold

4 - My Handsome Moose!




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